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limited networking events & limited time
Sales professionals are facing endless obstacles

Face-to-face networking events are scarce and expensive to attend.
Sales professionals are becoming more time-constrained with back-to-back-back meetings.
Selling has become virtual and requires modern B2B skills to master. You shouldn’t rely on obvious or biased ideas from colleagues.

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SalesHookup was made by and for salespeople, for the purpose of networking and learning in a virtual world. Brainstorm on new sales strategies, try and test the latest techniques, tech, and skills in a comfortable yet challenging environment. Work on your pitch or try new sales tactics without any risk whatsoever. Get real feedback from other B2B professionals you don’t know.
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We've partnered up with Sageseller Society - a community of 600+ SDRs, BDRs, and Account Executives (SMB, Mid-Market, & Enterprise) on Discord. Sageseller Society is a great platform to learn best practices, see what's working and what's not, get access to top reps AMA, and take part in exclusive Sageseller events.

SageSeller Society

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