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Ads are failing, expensive, and often inefficient. Ad channels are becoming saturated and it’s harder to stand out.

A single B2B sales event can cost €20K for a basic sponsorship package. Not only that, but these events are few and far between, so it’s not a strategy that can be used consistently.

What is SalesHookup?

SalesHookup is a sales networking platform that sales professionals use across the world to easily connect with peers through 1:1 and group video meetings.

Our unique AI-driven platform gamifies the networking experience, offering automated, relevant matches and guaranteed meetings aligned with member schedules, eliminating the chase and fostering meaningful engagement.

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Why Choose Us

Engaged sales community

access to target accounts

Innovative Sales Platform

only 1 tool per sales category

SalesHookup sponsorship packages

*Sponsorships start with a minimum of €2K with a minimum commitment of 6 months.

You will be positioned in one of the fastest-growing global highly engaged B2B sales communities expected to reach 10k+ members this year.​

50+ Total Countries

1000+ Companies

4.1K+ Total Users

300K+ Indirect Users

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Members' Feedback

“He was the best, he showed me great tools to improve my sales and helped me to get started.”
Member feedback
Account Executive, US
“We shared which AI tools we use and are planning to follow up. Looking forward to the next one.”
Member feedback 2
Enterprise Inside Sales, UK

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